Green-scene LED
            Corporate energy saving technologies

About Us

Green-scene import and supply the very latest IPART approved LED luminaire technologies for Government, industrial, commercial, Hotel and Club applications.

Our aim is to offer lighting solutions to achieve the shortest possible return on investment period, long product life, reduced maintenance and ongoing power savings.
We also aim to offer products that exemplify dedication, attention to detail, and industry leading technologies.

Green-scene offer a unique service by simplifying the transition to energy saving lighting from the initial inspection, product recommendation, supply, installation and assistance with your ESS carbon credit rebate requirements.

We further aim to always offer honest appraisals with utmost professionalism.

It is proven by replacing your old style incandescent globes, halogens, high-bay lights, flood lights and fluoro tubes with LED's you can save up to 70% on your electricity lighting bills.

By replacing your old lighting with LED alternatives you immediately start to reduce your energy consumption, carbon emissions and maintenance costs.

Fluoro tubes consume and generate over 50% of lighting costs and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide in commercial, industrial and domestic installations.
Old style lighting also generates heat which labours your air conditioning and cooling appliances consuming needless extra energy.